He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

Apr 6, 2016 by

Today’s guest blogger is one of our most dedicated followers from our Periscope family. Even though we’ve been MIA on that outlet as of late, Chloe has remained supportive. We are so honored to have her as a guest blogger today! We are sure that you will be inspired by her story.  Read on!   He loves me. I’ve never really told my whole story, but here it is in 12 words: Engaged at 22. Married at 23. Separated by 24. Divorced by 25. Like, didn’t I JUST get married? I know I did. I was there. I had on the white dress. My dad cried. My friends danced. I got a deep fryer for goodness sake! There was cake and pictures too! However, today on my 31st birthday, almost 10 years after meeting...

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Did You Ever…?

Apr 4, 2016 by

I asked him. After all of these years, I asked him because I’ve just really always wanted to know. Not because I want him back, not because I’m dwelling in the past, not because I’m bitter, I just needed to know. I mean, I was pretty sure that I knew the answer anyway, but I needed to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth. I’ve had conversations about it and have given my thoughts on it and I was certain that his answer would reiterate what I had known for several years. For some reason, in the last week or so, it was a question that remained at the forefront of my thoughts. I went back and forth. Should I ask? Maybe I shouldn’t say anything. Ok, I’m going to ask so I don’t...

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Love Has No Color

Feb 12, 2016 by

On Monday, February 8th, The Optimistic Divorcees celebrated 2 years! To honor this accomplishment, on our social media, we highlighted a few of our guest bloggers who we’ve been honored to feature over the last two years. (Check out blog posts from our first guest, our youngest guest, and our most viewed guest!) Today we feature a new post from another guest blogger. We met DeNee through our friends Kevin and Melissa Fredericks and we soon found out that DeNee had an awesome story to share of her journey on Heartbreak Highway to her new destination of Sweet Love Lane! (Hey it’s Valentine’s Day Weekend, I had to add a little sappy corniness, lol) Read on and be inspired by this optimistic divorcee’s story. I dated my ex in high school and we reconnected...

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The Pursuit of Shari-ness

Jan 27, 2016 by

A couple of years ago I proclaimed that year was going to be the “Year of the Boo”. Go ahead, laugh! I don’t care! I was serious! I was ready for the pursuit! I made up in my mind that I was going to be – you guessed it – optimistic, and declared that love would come into my life. That was 2014. Last year, I purposed to be more proactive in hanging out over the summer. I mean, you can’t meet anyone by staying home, right? So I went to day parties and picnics and concerts and rooftop restaurants. One thing I found, though, was that most men didn’t seem to want to make any effort – no effort to say hello, strike up convo, buy a girl a drink – nothing. They stood in...

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Pure Hearts

Jan 6, 2016 by

Our intentions are pure. We established this platform as an outlet for ourselves, our readers, and our guest bloggers to encourage, uplift, relate, and even sometimes entertain by sharing our experiences, our thoughts, and our truths. We are not in the business of bashing, embarrassing, or scandalizing anyone’s name for the sake of a subscriber or supporter. Our purpose is not to be a tabloid or gossip column. We do not choose topics or posts for shock value. Our goal is to provide quality content that is helpful in some way and in no way harmful. The only things that we wish to incite are dialogue, healing, understanding, and optimism. We believe that there are three sides to most stories; your side, their side, and the absolute, unbiased, unadulterated TRUTH. We write our truths...

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Nov 24, 2015 by

For the month of November, we sponsored the #shychallenge. The purpose of the challenge is to encourage those who may usually have difficulty meeting people or interacting with someone who they may be interested in, to step out of their comfort zones and do some different things to garner some different results. This came about after I discussed on one of our scopes, (get the Periscope app if you don’t have it and follow us: OptDivorcees) how shy I am when it comes to meeting/talking to guys. As I talked about my anxiety, others began to chime in and express that they struggled with the same issue. So, from that, we implemented this #shychallenge. We came up with 5 points that we want every participant to complete at least once during the 30 days...

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God, Love & Divorce: The Journey to Self-Discovery...

Nov 17, 2015 by

It’s been a little while since we’ve posted new content, but we’re back with a great guest blogger and (supporter of The Optimistic Divorcees)! Danita Sanders, a mom and now, author, shares a bit of her story with us discussing the ups and downs of marriage and the reality of divorce. Check out her journey to self-discovery below. When he and I met I thought, “Lucky me! Someone wants to marry someone like me.” You see, I went into my marriage as a single mother who had long since been branded with shame and unworthiness, however, not by family or myself. I was raised in the church, but was looking for love in all the wrong places,wanting people to be pleased with me, hoping that would bring some redemption. I had no sense of...

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